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Sheila M. Howe, MA LMFT

It has been Sheila’s experience that most insurances provide an out of network benefit reimbursement if a deductible has been met. 

If you would like to submit your charges to your insurance Sheila Howe will provide a super bill for your convenience.

Sheila Howe is accepting online clients only.  Fees:  95.00 for a 45 minute session and 110.00 for an hour session.  Sheila uses VSee app and program for online appointments.

Sheila Howe is also available for Couples Spiritual Direction one time a month or during a retreat scheduled at the Franciscan Renewal Center.


Sheila Howe does not take insurance. 

HSA and HRA cards are welcome. Also if client would like to bill out of network Sheila can provide a form to submit to insurance.

60 Minute session-125.00
90 Minute session-188.00-Recommended for some couples, families and EMDR therapies.

Online Sessions: 45 minutes-90.00.